Stand Out and Bloom

in petals •  last year 


Beautiful morning because of you,
My dream is to smell your fragrance,
Hold and feel the sweetness embrace.
You feel up my life, now and then.

Whenever I woke up and see you,
I feel strange and wanna picking you,
But hold my self and be contented watching you.
My fate is to see you bloom and stand out among them all.

This is My submission for #petals contests: #flowers captured by my smartphone just today early morning. I post only OC of mine, I love photography especially flowers, and this is my first entry for this week.

If you are interested to join, you may find the contest in here

petals contest

Thank you for passing by.

👍💯❤👉 OC by @sweetcha😊

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You have a nice day,too!


yes dear, have a happy nice day to you 😊

Hahaha nice, those flowers are colorful. I haven't seen those in my life, great shot


oh really? I have a lots in here at my garden, but I agree that is a great shot thank you for passing by😊


Thats nice give me some hehe

what flower is this? its a beautiful one


hi, thank you it is a flowering cactus plant😊