Oenothera speciosa. A special and delicate flower. (Photos by sard@rt)

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In a beautiful garden I was struck by this very particular flower which is commonly called "Enotera" or "Mexican enotera", "enagra bella" and is native to North America.
It is a flower that does not have great needs and can be easily cultivated even on poor soils.
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Its flowers, generally pink butalso yellow or white, with darker streaks, are formed by 4 large petals with 8 stamens and form beautiful colored and very delicate bushes. In a well-kept garden they are a beautiful presence because of their intense and abundant flowering that lasts from May to September. You can also have the all-white variety and the particularity of this resistant bush is the red color that the leaves take in autumn.
The root of this bush was used to flavor wine
I find it beautiful and I share these photos of you with you.

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thanks for your time
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weku 10.1

Good day..❀ Photography is very beautiful. Fresh and natural flowers. I'm always a fan of flowers. I appreciate your great photography.


many thanks


You are welcome Dear :)


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Lovely flower photoshoot..my dear friend sardrt..excellent post 📪



Beautiful flowers , nice photography .



Super Stunning and Lovely flowrs. ❤ I also love the colour so much!!! You have done a fantastic job sardrt!!! have a nice day ❤😊❤


many thanks for your comment

Just beautiful! Wonderful macro on the "heart" of the flower. Softness and depth of field is remarkable. Well done !

have a nice day my friend!

You got a 40.81% upvote from @ocdb courtesy of @sardrt!

Beautiful flowers and lovely shot my friend @sardrt


many thanks for your comment