White flowers. (Photos by sard@rt)

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Today I want to play with the colors of flowers. Total white for these flowers.
Although the meaning of flowers changes according to countries and cultures, white color is still associated with the concept of purity, Illumination and inspiration but also Cleanliness and sterility.
I find that they are very elegant flowers and their presence always illuminates a garden or a bunch of flowers.
Jasmine, ibiscus, calla, rose, iris, water lily, euphorbia milli, ellebori, tulip, Cherry blossoms, daisy...
I find it beautiful ... and what flower do you prefer?

I use a Nikon D 3200
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linea (2).jpg
linea (2).jpg
linea (2).jpg
DSC_0011 cili.JPG
linea (2).jpg

Thanks for your time
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So incredibly beautiful! Soft, clean, pure!

flowers make people happy. I se an app to know which flower it is or which plant. Let me know if you want to know which one it is.