First poppies. (Photos by sard@rt)

in petals •  3 months ago

In a degraded area, abandoned by man, nature hardly recovers its space. These areas, where the third landscape moves undisturbed, can meet many small but very particular flowers.
The naturalness is beautiful: no human design for these gardens and all the flowers are arranged in complete freedom.
Like these poppies, the first I met in late winter month.
They wanted to be photographed and I satisfied them.
DSC_0293 - Copia.JPG

thanks for your time!
photo_2017-09-26_19-07-07  aa.jpg

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Lovely poppy! Reminds me of short life...


Si...hai ragione!

wow stunning macro!! Marvelous flower ❤😊❤ love the atmosphere and contrast. ❤ You have done a fantastic job!!!


thanks a lot for your kind words

❀ Photography is very beautiful. Fresh and natural flowers. I appreciate your great photography.




Great post..
These are so amazing flowers.
Great photography there also...
Pleasure to following you.
Thank you.

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