Hydrangea . The flower without petals. (Photos by sard@rt) .

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Hortensia (Hydrangea macrophylla) is a very loved flower and used in parks and gardens due to its spectacular blossom that forms beautiful blue or pink blots.
The plant is very ancient and there are so many species and varieties that you can find: just browse the catalog of nurseries specializing in cultivation and marketing in this plant to see how many varieties can make the happiness of many enthusiasts and hydrangea collectors.

The peculiarity of this flower is that it does not have properly named petals, but the modified leaves called "sepals", which take upbringing colors and play the same function as petals and that form the inflorescences: a set of so many small flowers generally of the globose or flat shape.
The most characteristic and well-known colors of hydrangeas are pink and blue with a varied gradation of shades of white.

They do not like direct sunlight and need good and constant watering. This is why I confess, personally I can never have specimens for more than two months.
But I can appreciate the beauty in the various parks and gardens or the flower exhibitions.
This is my small photographic collection.
thanks for your time!
photo_2017-09-26_19-07-07  aa (2).jpg

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So beautiful pictures @sardrt The second is my favorite. Saludos.



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I don't always like flower shots, but when I do, I MUST comment :) Absolutely amazing set of colors. Congratulations for the beautiful capture! Very delicate photos with lovely colours and light.

Seen many post of your's ,look like you deeply love nature . Liked it .Keep going .