Petals goes on vacation!

in #petals6 years ago (edited)

Hello friends!
Dear friends Petals goes on vacation.
You, if you want, continue to use our hashtags and continue to support our posts!







Wonderful photography @petals really awesome post . please visit my blog and give me your opinion on my photography 😊 thank you

Many thanks!

As a butterfly lover I like the swallowtail and the meadow brown the best. Your pictures are really great and also the flowers are a feast for the eyes.

Many greetings from @faltermann 🦋 🐛

Thanks for your comment!

Thank you too! I wish you'll rest well!

thanks a lot!

Happy journey and enjoy your vacation

Thanks a lot!

I wish you a nice and relaxing holiday!

Thank you so much!!

Have a great vacation @petals! 🌸❤

Thanks a lot!

Have a wonderful vacation :D @petals.

many thanks

Have a wonderful break @petals. I like forward to your return, refreshed and raring to go. 😁

I will no doubt continue posting in your categories.

Many thanks !

Happy journeys have fun be safe and see you all when your back. ....Cheers :)

Many thanks!

You got a 37.03% upvote from @ocdb courtesy of @petals!



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