The Petals Contests #flowers Our weekly selection 18. THE WINNERS!

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The Petals contests are:

Sunday- #rosesopenweekend (ends on saturday)

Monday- #flowers (ends on sunday)

Wednesday- #pinkflowerday (ends on tuesday)

Friday- #yellowflowerday (ends on thursday)

Hello flowers lovers! Another week's gone and #flowers is here to reward the winners. You have posted some gorgeous flowers, our gallery becomes more beautiful and choosing the best photos is not easy at all. As you already know by now Petals is a new community on Steemit dedicated to all flowers lovers and sunday we have #flowers contest which starts right now.


1.Use the hashtag #petals and the hashtag of the contest you want to participate #flowers #pinkflowerday #yellowflowerday or #rosesopenweekend

2.The TITLE of your post MUST include The contests of Petals + name of the contest

3.Vote the post of the contest you want to participate (The last post with the winners)

Very important: Not following this 3 rules will exclude you from the competition!

Now let's take a look at the last week WINNERS photos

The potato flowers by @yetaras

Jade Flower by @leyargoz

Beautiful orange Gazania! by @sallybeth23

Вorage by @shady

3 Photos Of Beautiful Crocosmia by @still-observer

Congratulations to all the authors.... your shares are already in your wallets!
Keep posting your photos on #petals and #flowers if you want to participate on our next selection.

Some recommendations

For more visibility of your post paste the link of your post in the comments section of the contest you want to participate.
Because it's a photo contest, only the quality of the photo is judged. Anyway a few text lines under your photo is required.
Resteem is not a must but will help to increase the contests rewards.

Please pay attention - only original photos. Who will use non original photos will be reported to @steemcleaners and risks the flag.
@Petals. A new community flourishes on Steemit, an idea of @adrianobalan and @sardrt. Help us reward the quality contents with little or big donations and delegations of Steempower. Because we are sure that beauty will save the world!


beautiful flowers

This is a great selection and beautiful photos! Congratulations to all winners!
My next entry:

your feedback means a lot beautiful !

difficilissimo dire qual è il fiore più bello....sono tutti di una bellezza e particolarità davvero unica

Stunning mix of colours 😍

Yes. nature is very creative @sallybeth23. Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment. 😊

nice picture i like your post

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