Petals contest. Our summer selection!

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Hi friends!
A break to enjoy the beautiful photos that you have put using the #petals hastag!
We have made a small selection of all the themes of our contest with some photos that we like to reward!
You continue to post your summer photos ... we will always follow you!

And with these flowers we want to remind you to participate in our contests:





Here is our selection!

The colors of the flowers by @akinome

Gladiolus by @yetaras

my beautiful pink Torenia flowers by @mrunalini

Sparkles. By @ewkaw

Flowers summer by @leylar

Congratulations to all the authors @akinome @yetaras @mrunalini @leylar @ewkaw

We will be back soon and, perhaps, we will make some selection with your best photos that you will put under #petals #rosesopenweekend #yellowflowerday and #pinkflowerday
Thank you for your support and your beautiful photographs.
Happy holidays to all !!!

@Petals. A new community flourishes on Steemit, an idea of @adrianobalan and @sardrt. Help us reward the quality contents with little or big donations and delegations of Steempower.
Because we are sure that beauty will save the world!

Follow us also on DISCORD @Petals


Thank you for the feature!
Love Flowers summer by @leylar :))

you are welcome!

thanks for your visiting

Beautiful flowers photographs and Congratulations to all the authors!!

many thanks

Hi @petals, very good activity on your blog, it is a motivational project for every steemians. Keep it up.

many thanks for your comment!

Hello petals!

Congratulations! This post has been randomly Resteemed! For a chance to get more of your content resteemed join the Steem Engine Team

many thanks !

My pleasure :)

Congratulations to all the winners and thank you so much for including my photo.

you are welcome!

Amazing photos!!! Congratulations to all the authors!!! 👍😊

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