Contest of petals # rosesopenweekend # My beautiful pink roses photoshoot

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Hello friends, Happy Sunday 🌷
I am going to share my beautiful pink rose photos for #rosesopenweekend contest of @petals
Actually this is a "desi gulab"(rose)
Awesomely fragrant rose
👆 This is my favourite angle of flower to click 🤗 I think it's more beautiful than the front side of flower.
I hope you enjoyed my today's blog
See you in the next blog 💃
oh my gifts!.png


Wow it's really beautiful pink rose & more beautiful than the front side of flower. So friend @mrunalini thanks for share on your steemit blog....! 👌👌👌🌹

Thanks sir 😊

Really, very beautiful flowers, perfect clicks, awesome photography. Keep it up 👍👍

Thanks dear 😊

Such a beautiful rose, mam

Thank you so much friend 😊

A very good morning dear.😊 @mrunalini
Very beautiful roses specially water sprinkled roses are looking awesome..
Good snaps @mrunalini

By yours,

Thank you so much friend 😊

Those roses are beautiful. Nicely captured!

Thank you so much friend 😊 @kunschj 🌷

Beatiful Roses

Thanks friend 😊

very nice

Thank you so much dear 😊

lovely roses.

Thanks dear 😊

very beautiful looking flower

Thanks friend 😊

Beautiful water drops on the leaps

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Thank you so much friend 😊

Now i am happy @mrunalini , bcuz you brought clear and superb photography. Amazing work dear..

Your petals are so fragile and beautiful.. especially the clarity of your shots is amazing beautiful lady.

Thanks friend 😊 I am glad that my work made you happy :-)

Nice blog and beautiful flower

Thanks friend 😊

Nice post I like flower

Thanks friend 😊

Thanks friend 😊

Beautiful Red rose..Awesome photograph..
I know you like Roses very much...

Thanks friend 😊

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