"Bees pollinating a pumpkin flowers in the middle of two other kinds of yellow flowers " My entry for the #Yellowflowerday contest by @petals

in #petals6 years ago (edited)

yellow two (1).jpg

Wild carnation

Bees are the best-known pollinators, which makes their presence in the garden extremely important


I had the opportunity to catch some bees just at the time they were doing their job of pollinating the yellow flowers of my pumpkin plant. In Venezuela, the population of bees has declined, however they find suitable space in my garden because I do not use chemicals but only fertilizers and natural pest control.

As a curious fact I will tell you that pumpkin flowers are edible in the form of croquettes

Photos taken with my Samsung Cell Phone
Location: Garden of my house in Villa de Cura, Aragua State, Venezuela

yellow two (2).jpg

Macroshot of "Verdolaga" flower

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