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in petals •  10 months ago

Thinking about spring but we have 12+ inches of snow on the way!

Here is a close up of one of my Helibores. I don't know which variety, because to be honest, I harvested my helibores from clients' gardens when they were just tiny "helibabies"!! What is a helibaby?? First of all, this is not a scientific term ;-) Second, they are the tiny seedlings that grow from where a mature helibore drops its seeds. Sometimes there are just loads of helibabies, and we always take a few when.

That's an awesome thing about plants...they keep on giving :0)

This helibore has started to bloom but tomorrow will be covered in a foot of snow! Helibores are pretty resilient, so if I remember, I'll take an 'after' photo when all the snow has gone to see how it held up.


happy gardening everyone!


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Wooowwww... Boommmmmm
Purple bloom... So pretty. Gosh nature is so beautiful

@gardenlady Hello dear lady, I am so pleased to have found your post with this amazing flower. I am very bad with the names but get attracted sometimes by certain type of flowers though

Looks like its almost here can't wait a new beginning :D

I love hellebore! Here in new England, I have them on the north side of my house. When the huge snowbanks melt down, under them are the hellebore, in flower! That is a minor miracle each year! I don't have a photo of that, just this one of full bloom

New North - hellebore, trillium, coltsfoot, lesser celandine, lady's mantle, ferns crop April 2015.jpg


I really love them too! They are easy to divide - you could have them all along the side of your house. Just dig up the whole clump, take your shovel and chop the clump in half (or quarters if it's really huge, and then replant in new holes!


But then I'd need to make a new garden, and I already have 37..... :)


even i don't know about Helibores but that looks really cool :)

Spring is round the corner but seems like its already here wow :)