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Philadelphus, is a genus of plants of the Hydrangeaceae family of which about 75 species of deciduous shrubs are part. In the common language they are called false oranges or syringes. (Syringa is instead the botanical name of the lilac). The leaves have very evident ribs and are ovate. The flowers are cupped, white and about 3-4 cm broad. All species are planted in October or March and adapt to all soils.




If you can plant jasmine in your own garden, do not hesitate to do it. Jasmine is also known as shrub with the most fragrant summer flowers. Originally from southern Europe, jasmine is a leaf-drop shrub that can easily be planted in the garden. Jasmine is a plant that loves light in abundance, so it is important that the place where it is planted is not protected from the sun's rays. The sun is the best incentive for a great flower production. However, jasmine develops well in the shade. This shrub also needs a lot of space to grow and spread.


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