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Ornamental birds of all kinds

Many people love the acquisition and breeding of many animals and birds, and among the birds scattered in many people are birds ornamental that are placed inside the cages in the house to give a certain beauty of the house; Here we will deal with the collection of the most used birds, Which includes the following:

Zebra birds are small-sized birds, which gives them a large activity and make them fast-moving, and do not like to live alone, but live in groups, and is called the bird of zebrafish and feed on seeds in general, notably millet seeds in addition to eggs, vegetables and fruits, It is about ten centimeters long It weighs about 12 grams and is grown in Australia, Indonesia and the eastern region of Timor.

It lives for eight to twelve years and gives up to eight eggs



belongs to the parrot family, but it is rarely issued by a certain voice, and it has different colors that give it beauty and make it one of the most birds of adornment spread, and the so-called pyruch or Dora or parquet, and feed on the seeds mainly and rice cooked in addition to vegetables and fruits, Between 15 and 20 centimes, it weighs about 30 grams, spreads in Australia, lives seven to twelve years and gives up to seven eggs.


has the most beautiful sounds and tweets in the world compared to the rest of the birds, and has different types of shape and type of feathers that cover his body in addition to the method of singing and Twitter, and called the name of the Canary and feed on seeds and fruits and some vegetables as a summary, in addition to eggs and small insects, It weighs between 15 and 20 grams and spreads on islands called the Canary Islands, where it is located, the Madeira and Azores, and lives between eight and fourteen years. It is the second most aesthetically pleasing bird. It is the second most aesthetically pleasing, and it is called the ammonium, the monkey and the flat. It feeds on the thorny and wild seeds such as ketchan, oats, bread, lettuce and small insects. It is about fourteen centimeters long, Its weight ranges between thirteen and nineteen grams, and spreads in the Eastern and Maghreb countries and some areas of Turkey, most notably Cyprus, and lives between eight to thirteen years, and gives up to thirteen eggs

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