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Launching a whole new brand from scratch is never easy but to us (@enjiliew and I), we believe that a brand is always the most sustainable game to go for if we are committed to do this for a long term. Pets and human have went through decades of relationship and till now, it has been better than never before. For example, in China itself, the pet population of cats and dogs had hit over 91 million (Source) and the spending was a humongous US$24.81 billion on pets alone! Thus, we see this as a growing demand in these days where people do not want to be alone.

For us, pets are like our family members. They live together with us and help us with many things especially easing our stress. Although you might think that the commitment to taking care of them may be too much, there is always this invisible gratification when you really take care of them and love them. The bonding between pets and owners are magical and indescribable. That is why, we think that through @vetamind, we could promote pet wellness and pet education to those who already have pets or wanting to have one.

There are two main choice to go for, one is cat and the other one is dog. In Malaysia, around 70% of the pets are cats due to the demography we have here. Nonetheless, we see every pets as equal and we are ready to serve the community as much as possible.

@vetamind itself is a life-long pet education platform that provide quality and trustworthy information for pet owners to learn and practice. We also provide a question platform where the community can blast out their doubts about their pets and our team with experienced and professional veterinarians will help to answer that. We believe such convenience and value is great for the community and it is a way to build trust between us.

Well, even you have question like not sure which pet to go for, we even have a questionnaire for you to see how your personality fit to which pet. This is some interesting feature that we are developing to serve the community and make the experience of having a pet easier than ever.

In overall, we want to elevate the pets' well being and increase the pet education literacy among the community. Not only that, we are also promoting adopt and do not shop policy where we believe every pets deserve their right to live a good life.

Drop me a message if you want to know more or have anything to ask about :) cheers and have a PAWsitive day!


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