Biggie the millipede pet

in pet •  6 months ago


Everywhere we go the kids find insects or other little critters that they will keep as pets for a few days. Right now they have a couple of millipedes. They will try to create a nice invironment in a jar where the pet can live and then they will study them untill we make them set them loose.

Today "Biggie" the bigger of the millipedes just had to come on our nightly walk. They took take turns carrying it and every now and then ran ahead to set it down so it could walk on its own.

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Haha! My daughter does that constantly with caterpillars. Except she gets the caterpillars from the plants in the garden... You know, the ones eating the plants that I'd rather just feed to the chickens, those...

@bpangie We often have caterpillars to and actually got one about a week ago that cocooned. We have no idea of what it will become but getting a chance to study it is pretty cool.