A weird day with the Sexywoman

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Last week I wrote briefly about Sexywoman in Peru. Her real name is Sacsayhuaman and she is a citadel located on the outskirts of Cusco. Some say that the city of Cusco was built like a puma, one of the three animals that symbolised the Incan society ( the other two being the condor and snake), and that Sacsayhuaman is the Puma's head, located on the stop of the hill overlooking and guarding Cusco city.


The most remarkable thing about Sacsayhuaman are the three massive terraces walls, and these zig zag shape that looks like puma teeth. These walls are about 5m high and are built of massive stones that are believed to have come from as far as 35km away.


Bearing in mind this was built back in 15th century, it's a mystery how the Incas manage to transport these massive stones to this site. These stones aren't all flat either, some of them are concave like this inner corner of the wall, and others are convex creating the zig zag shape.

And more importantly how did the Incas manage to cut the stones so they all fit together perfectly and you can't even slip a piece of paper in between? Some of these stones have multiple corners, such as this one where I count 10. All the surrounding stones and their neighbours fit together like a puzzle which is just mind boggling on how they did this. The Incas didn't do all this to show off their stone masonry skills (or maybe they did as they predicted we'd still be admiring this 500 year later), but it is generally thought that they cut and built the stone walls like this to make it earthquake proof as Peru is located in a seismic zone. Time has proven that they succeeded.


If you read my last post, you may remember I mentioned the people I encountered. First of all is this group of locals who like me were visiting Sacsayhuaman. Their traditional outfit were so beautiful especially the little girls with their colourful headwear. I thought they blended in perfectly with this ancient Incan ruins and if you use a bit of imagination you could almost transport yourself back to the 15th century. I couldn't resist this photo opportunity and started taking a few photos from quite far away. They didn't mind so I moved a bit closer and they continued to pose happily for me. Just look at that beautiful pair of eyes from the adorable little girl standing in the middle. After a few photos, it was time for them to move on, and one of the woman put her hand out towards me as a gesture to ask for money!!! If I was at a tourist location and I knew they were 'working', posing for tourists I'd be fine with that. But they were tourists themselves here so I was a bit taken back and didn't know how to react. They moved away before I decided what to do.


My other encounter with the locals was even more bizarre. As I was wandering around, a teenage girl came and asked if she could take a photo with me. That's never happened to me before, so I was happy to oblige as she was really sweet. A few moments later, another few came up to me with the same request, then another and another. It was kinda weird I thought, but in a nice weird way, not weird weird. It's not like Peruvians have never seen Asians before as there are many Japanese in Peru, or maybe the girls were doing some sort of take photos with strangers challenge. Or maybe I look like a local celebrity .... I'll go with that.


Getting to Sacsayhuaman from Cusco is pretty easy, you can either go by taxi or bus as its only about 4km away. It's so close that you can in fact walk there. Since Sacsayhuaman is located up on a hill, the walk is not an easy one, so of course the lazybone in me wouldn't do this. But to give myself credit, I did walk back afterwards. I followed this really useful sign post downhill...

till I left the ruins grounds and started to descend down these stairs back to my hostel in Cusco.

It was a weird but very enjoyable day.

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I went to Sacsayhuaman when I went to Peru a few years ago to hike the Machu Picchu trail. It is truly an amazing site.


Spent 4 days in Cusco before heading off to Ollantaytambo. Love it all.

Thats a great photo!!

We did pretty much the same thing, spent a week in Cusco and Ollantaytambo to climatize before we did MP. It was an absolutely fantastic trip

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Thank you @travelfeed for choosing my post today!!!!

Incas were great ingenieurs! I hope to get there once and see it myself!

My husband is also kind of a celebrity in my hometown😂 People are not used to others looking a bit different and they seem not to be able to stop staring at him 🙄

I'm sure you will make it there one day @delishtreats.

Actually you'd think with the world becoming more global now, people would be used to other people looking different from them

What so nice haha, you look like a celebrity, that's it... Hahaha, Nice weird day hahaha, Loving your photos too.. Greetings from Venezuela.

Ha ha I'm embarrassed now @sweetdreams!!! ☺️

This makes me miss South America - it's time for us again!

You'll have to spend more than 91 days out there, there are so many beautiful countries I hear

beautiful travel @livinguktaiwan. Peru looks beautiful and has an interesting culture. those rocks are incredibly awesome, really wondering how they transport that in ancient manner.

In our town, My husband is also sort of popular in our home town, haha, whenever we go for a walk, They are just looking at him. hehe
Thank you for your travels and take care where ever you are : )

Thanks Sheryl. Is your husband loving all the attention he gets 😎

Sounds like a great weird day!
But I ll still put Taiwan on top of the list of the countries where people like to take pictures with foreigners haha

That must be a privilege for French 帥哥 living in the south 😉

It used to happen a lot in Tainan, too many foreigners now haha But it still happens in the countryside ^^

Those are some weird experiences! I love the tourists who want money from you lol And the Incas were amazing, weren't they?!! Wouldn't you just love to know their secrets?!

That was really odd, maybe its customary for them to do that at home when their villages are flooded with tourists. Actually, maybe I should have asked the girls for a tip as well 🤣🤣🤣

hahaha that would have been funny @livinguktaiwan, you holding out your palm for money 😎

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I visited Sacsayhuaman. There was no sexy woman. Just some overweight old dude.

Ha ha! I was a bit lucky then at least I met a bunch of hot young girls

I think that women are sexy in their own way. Next time just open better your eyes. It is easy to pay attention to all attributes..

Looks like you had lots of fun over there with the bunch of ladies ;)

Yes, it was kind of weird having all these young girls coming up for photos, could of understood if they were hot lads 😎😉

I've always been fascinated by rocks and their structure but to be honest I've never paid attention to their shape and that picture with the corner made of concave stones is so cool!
More than that, it's so satisfying watching all these walls which are perfectly built even though none of the stones have the same size and shape. It's fantastic!

Your next destination maybe?

I wish I could. :)

I am waiting for that day I will finally finish SEA and start wandering around Europe and the rest of the continents. Always a pleasure reading your narratives @livinguktaiwan.

So many places to see in this world, hopefully you will get to everywhere you want to go.

Thanks for voting and following! Sorry didn't make it the other day as kids are really tying me down, added with all those drama.

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No worries, always another time!!!!

Wow - what an amazing place - the puma's teeth are immense.....I can't imagine the ordeal the builders went through!

I read they reckon it took something like 20k people in the whole process!!

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