Consumers expect you to recognize their wishes and needs. Can a personal approach be applied to masses of potential buyers online?

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This article is brought to you by the marketing personalization experts at BehaviourExchange

Marketing has changed significantly over the last two decades and one of the most important recent marketing trends is personalization. Technological advancement in recent years brought about new opportunities for ever more accurate targeting and personalization of messages which will eventually replace inefficient general and impersonal marketing strategies.

Consumers’ attention & content personalization
Internet users have become virtually blind to advertising and content that doesn’t interest them. Relevance to the user is key. During the purchase process consumers are likely to notice content that promises to help them gather information to make a good decision.
If advertising used to be thematically adapted to the respective environment – for example, advertising for women’s footwear on pages that revolve around fashion, or advertising for winter tires in forums for car enthusiasts – today, you go one step further: users receive advertising that goes to them their interests or previous surfing habits, or are assigned to specific target groups, each receiving different offers.

Especially in the last couple of years, Big Data has been one of the buzzwords that dominate the IT world. More and more companies are collecting vast amounts of data without being able to fully utilize it. The potential of this knowledge of the individual customer is finally materializing: businesses can use it for better and more accurate targeting and to personalize their communication.

In the field of personalization of offers and content, BehaviouExchange goes further than other marketing services by creating a tailored online environment for each visitor. By customizing media content as well as offers of products presented on a website to each visitor’s personal characteristics, wishes, needs, past behaviour etc., the platform aims to exclude all that is irrelevant to the individual user.

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