Personality in the Hat

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I trust you, I entrust my daughter to you. Bring her back to her old self. Help him, help me. Keep calm, everything will be normal, he replied. I've got things to go out, you have something to talk to, if you need something, you call me. Girl, take care of yourself. 'Don't forget, always with your father.' In fact he was not aware of how much he was by his own father. In fact, it wasn't physically good for years. Okay, Dad, you said go go and sneak down your undersized voice under that big hat.


His father hadn't even hugged his daughter before he left the room. Kerry took a deep breath, girl, let's talk a little, wouldn't you? from under the hat looking for her eyes. He was watching what was going on without making any noise and trying to solve the events. Let's talk about it, girl. But first of all, if you're out of your hat, how about you relax? he said.


I'm not going to take this hat off, He shuddered when he said a very normal sentence as if he were nervous, trembling from the cold. I can't take off because of my nose and lips. No one should see them go on. Am Get it, you go, I don't look. She made him so nervous that Suzzy felt that he was going to have a seizure after a hat. Do you want to tell me what's going on, the head doctor.

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