My Take on Personal Finance

in personalfinance •  10 months ago

Not long ago I had my first post in a while and I brought up some topics I wanted to expand on. Today I'll be looking at personal finance. I think I have a pretty unique way of handling my own finances. It is certainly something I have poured countless hours of my time into.

I handle my finances with a two tiered system. The first tier is necessities. There are only a few things in this category. Rent, food, and transportation. It's possible to squeeze here a little to cut spending, but some level of spending on these items is totally unavoidable. Tier two is goal oriented spending. All spending here is tied to a personal goal. This seems like a simple system, but figuring out what your goals are and aligning your spending with that is challenging. At this point in my life it isn't as challenging because I don't have a lot of income to think about spending so I mostly spend very little.

Everything else stems from this system. I think it's important to remember that having money is not the goal, but having the freedom that money provides is.

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