Thinking about changing my End Saying on my Blogs

in personal •  last year

                                       Hey okay so this may sound

                                       Weird  !!!!

                               As a lot of  you are used to me putting  

             at the End of Each of my Blogs , Well I did it that way

                       because I was trying to be a little different . 

                        I thought I was being different but then 

                                    I noticed not by much .

and some people did not understand  why I way saying ""BYE""

So Now I am going to change it up and Think of something else

            This is not going to be easy , But it can be done . :)  

                               I guess for now I will say 

                     ""   GO STEEMIT ""

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Nice change by the way
''Bye'' was a nice pun at the end


Thank you :) Maybe I should stay with it :)) I guess I am looking for what my followers thinks :)

I love your end saying - it suits you <3