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At the end of December, I signed up for a long list of courses from Udemy.com because they were offering their usually $200 courses for $10. I signed up for web design courses, writing courses, and then I started creating new websites. The new sites are mostly for me, but I’m looking to do some freelance work so I needed some examples.

Nimue’s Grotto will soon be an on-line magazine, publishing flash fiction in the genres of Fantasy, Science Fiction, and Horror. By the way, I am looking for submissions for my first official issue. The only post there now is a call for submissions. Take a look and submit!

Dreams in Transit was created as a site for my book called (what else?) Dreams in Transit. While Nimue's Grotto publishes fiction, Dreams in Transit will publish articles about writing, self-publishing, and the writing life.

I moved my old blog to its own domain. An Irene Thing is the place for whatever I feel like writing about. Personal essays, programming tutorials, the same kind of stuff that I post here.

I know I posted “Bury the Hatchet*, a short film based on one of the stories in my book. My son filmed it with his production company Turnstiles Productions and now he has a website for his production company.

Why so many websites? Because I’m trying to do some web work on the side and I figure that examples are important.

Neither “Nimue’s Grotto” or “Dreams in Transit” are paying markets, I'm sorry to say, although I'd like them to be in the future.

I have been taking courses in general web design as well as working with WordPress and using Photoshop to do web design. Have I learned anything? You be the judge.

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Who is Irene P. Smith? I am an author, programmer, and web designer. A former Contributing Editor to PC Techniques Magazine, I have written about computers and programming since 1989, and began publishing fiction in 2003. My home is in New York State, along the Delaware River, where I live with my husband and son.

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