Who ? This is not the question!

in #personal5 years ago (edited)

Light a cigarette, put your ass down
Start thinking about what I'm going to tell you
Your own father will hesitate to die for you
Jester, I'll admit it, my paranoia destroys me
I watch my own dick because I don't want to be fucked
Chek me, re-chek me, is it good or what?
It won't make you the most reliable bastard in my eyes
Abundant caregiver goes on strike
The whores in the neighborhood have already proven themselves
My neg, I still don't understand that you have nothing
In such a big head
We don't share our coffin, we're not in Friends
Delusions, smoke of joint, mutual protection
Temporarily overshadow the laws of individual destiny
24 years and after?
Who wants to launder their money in a fast food? Who ?
Who wants to take out the hood? Who ?
Who wants to get married? Who ?
Who will want to be serious in their job? Who ?
Who will put themselves in prayer? Who ?
Who ? This is not the question!
The real question is "When is the hour going to strike?"
So that you anticipate relational autonomy
Malcom X got it in the ass, wanting to help everyone ...
I fucked my remote control!
It doesn't mean anything that you're there, when there is a fight it's 50/50
Give and take, you did it because I did it, point.
We will give you food ok
You're only there for crazy plans
You are no longer there when it becomes blurry (Fuck you!)

All these bastards out there want to rip my heart out
Leave me in my bunker
When I look at myself, I worry
When I compare myself I feel reassured, brother
Leave me in my bunker

Play this song at the beginning, pause
Gather three or four friends, play it again
Observe them, the first who coughs, get him out of your life!
It's a reaction that betrays the imposture
I'm looking for quality not quantity, face of ass
Die boy! Put yourself in danger
I'm going to send you to do a Scrabble with Gainsbourg
Even if he would not avenge me
Nothing is ever too good
The most charming actress at the Cannes Film Festival
Will always have a bit of shit on her anus!
Loyalty, childhood bases are no exception
It has to be, there is a scam somewhere!
Who do you take me for ?
Is it written stupid on my forehead, cousin
Drug trafficking has never created unbreakable ties
When you're in prison, your associates snap off the package on some pretty sluts
It's better than taking news from your mom
Do you have shit in your eyes
Or do you play the game of diversion well
Bluff: "Wallah I love you like a brother"
2000 bucks here it is, there are no more friends it's dead
You're going to have snot as hell
There are traitors everywhere, ignorant
You will know when the cops come to return even your parents room
5 in the morning
You realize
You're like an idiot wondering who got you
Tonight I stay in front of my Pro Evolution Soccer
I'm not rushing with the opportunists, the profiteers

All these bastards out there want to rip my heart out
Leave me in my bunker
When I look at myself, I worry
When I compare myself I feel reassured, brother
Leave me in my bunker

But what are you saying ?
Do you have such a short memory?
When the doctor snatched you from your mother, you were alone
You will be buried alone!
An ex said to me "Respect me please
None of your friends are capable
To go and give birth to your son in the bathroom. "
Ask Tony what he thinks of Manny
Ask Dieudo what he thinks of Eli
Bro it's messy!
You can take a bullet for a guy
Or get your cheek slashed, if you die ...
Tomorrow the sun will rise anyway !
In Seine-Saint-Denis, we say:
You want to keep your friends, remain a mess
You want to make enemies, get out of the mess before them
Eh yes ! it's the same for some brothers and cousins
Ask it to JR Ewing
Overflowing ambition, your life as a couple, your team
Don't seek, don't bother, it will never be compatible
Extended friendship, delayed disappointment, do you think I'm going to ask for friendship?
Pfff, did you look at me?

All these bastards out there want to rip my heart out
Leave me in my bunker
When I look at myself, I worry
When I compare myself I feel reassured, brother
Leave me in my bunker

"Despo Rutti"


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You really have gone insane huh roachie? Did you spend all the money you scammed off of people on hallucinogenic drugs? Is this weird poem a product of your psychopathic drug fueled lunacy?

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Oh, I'm still popular!
I was like did you forget about me.
Hallucinogenic drugs? :) I'm not taking any drugs, as I never scammed anyone, but you can think as you want.
Would be better to come with proofs and show me what or who I scammed no?
But I know facts are not something you like...

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