What if we shed the old cue cards of our life?

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It's often too easy to be "all professional" with helping people take the steps necessary to make positive changes in their life. But sometimes even someone who professes to know what they’re talking about fails to apply those steps. We revert to old cue cards to get through an often self-inflicted miserable day.

I found myself guilty of this for such a long time.

We've all heard the tale that decorators keep a poor standard of décor in their own home, or that mechanics have the worst kept cars. It is all too often the same in the self-development industry. I often catch myself wrapped up in old limiting ways of thinking when life throws me a curve ball. It's very easy to fall into the abyss of self pity, or grab the "poor me" crutches always waiting in the wings of my subconsciousness.

I've since learned how to ask for help when I need it but it's not always been easy. You cannot be your own physician, right?

It takes commitment and strong conviction to make sure that we question these old, automated thoughts when they rear their ugly heads. They constantly whisper "it's impossible" or "you're not worthy" or "give up."

Well I'm tired of the negative thinking and those old cue cards.
It's time to take hold of the steering wheel.

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You Can Do It

I wrote the lyrics and recorded this song because I was struck with inspiration and motivation for a better outlook. It happened as I was driving home from a visit with mom when I intrinsically knew things needed to change. It is within my power to make things better and I was sick of being stuck with the same old issues.

"Yes, I can turn my life around!"

I also recognized that I needed some kind of reference or tool
to remind myself that I could, in fact, DO IT.

It was a revelation of sorts.

We can make a preemptive strike and change our mindset!


By doing something as simple as leaving a few strategically placed reminder cards around the house. Some people use dream boards. I like to leave notes around the house and all over my walls.

It is far easier when we take this approach, to bring the overwhelming negative bullshit back under control. The use of reminder cards that prompt a logical question allows us to escape an emotionally-based take over attempt on our thought processes.

Action step:

  • Use cards that trigger a positive focus.
    The whole point of the card is to side-step the automated thinking. It's a way to look at a situation with a different perspective.
  • Place small reminders around the home that ask “If this were possible, how would I do it?”

It's impossible to read these cards without mentally thinking the thought or asking ourselves the question. This exercise, albeit a simple one, effectively puts us back in the driving seat of our life rather than remaining a passenger.

Food for thought

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nice post (and song) ... It's simple but not so easy )


One of my favorite things to say is: It's that easy and that hard. The yin and yang of mindset, right?


I call the negative old way of thinking stinkin' thinkin' and sometimes it feels like a daily exercise! Glad to see you getting active on Steemit again, Colin. Keep it up!


Keep going!

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