How to Run a Background Check on Person.

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Why Should You Consider Running a Background Check on Someone?

A background check as the name implies means a report or check on a person’s background or history. Everyday People, Employers, Colleges and Volunteer organizations are among the users of background checks on persons.

Employers check to see if a potential employee has former criminal records. They also check education transcript and credit reports as well. Colleges check to see if a new student has had former trouble with the law or if he or she has attended another college before. Volunteer organizations run background checks to also know the kind of people that become the face of their organization in public. Everyday people might want to look up a person they started dating, check on the neighbor's, or perhaps see what’s on there own personal background check to make sure there’s nothing there that shouldn't be. Check out to lookup any persons background check with a complimentary scan.

Where does all the information revealed in a background check come from?

The world has now become a Global village which means that information is usually just a click away. In addition to that, the Freedom of Information Act and similar state laws have made it possible for personal information like arrest, contact information, age and home address to considered as public records. So if you are looking for information on someone, all you have to do is search online.

The result of a background check online usually brings back the following results:

•    Full name, aliases and contact information. This is information that provides all you need to contact a person. From social media profiles to email addresses and even to the person’s location history.

•    Criminal and arrest records. This is arguably the reason most people run security checks. Criminal records provide you with information about a person’s history with the law. Although the information found on a criminal record may vary from country to country, criminal records usually contain crimes ranging from traffic violations to convicted felonies.

•    Civil court records. There might be some exemptions with these kinds of records. Not all records here are available to the general public and this is usually so as to practice the parties involved. Ongoing or pending cases are not made public as well as sealed records and expunged records.

•    Employment history. Information about a person’s employment history can be found when running a background check. Where a person currently works and also other places of employment are listed in the records. 

•    Educational history. There are definitely better ways to find out about a person’s educational history than scouring the internet for clues or waiting on hold with a university’s phone line. Background checks reveal the needed information about a person’s educational history.

•    Social media profiles. Background checks can help you confirm your suspicion that the people around you are not whom they say they are by providing information on the various social media profiles that they may own.

There are tons of information that you can get from background checks on people. Technology these days makes it almost instant depending on the type of check being done. To see what’s out quick visit and do a scan on just about any person and see what might be hiding in their background.