Learning English~Persian: Idiom: To be on a roll/Ask after somebody #130

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To be on a roll

رو دنده شانس بودن

Edward is on a roll right now. Ha has won thirteen games.

ادوارد الان رو دنده شانسه..۱۳ تا بازی رو برنده شده.

Things are going great for Larry. He's on a roll now.

اوضاع برای لری عالی داره پیش میره.اون الان رو دنده شانسه.

Ask after somebody

جویای احوال کسی شدن، حال و احوال کسی را پرسیدن

He always asks after you in his letters.

او در نامه‌هایش همیشه جویای احوال شماست.

She asked after my father.

سراغ پدرم رو گرفت.

Don't forget to ask after your uncle when you see Mary this afternoon.

یادت باشه وقتی ماری رو امروز عصر دیدی، حال عمویت رو بپرسی



good article @funtraveller
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"I just keep winning money at poker tonight - I'm on a roll!"
I just cannot seem to lose! I am on a roll!!

ask after somebody

if you ask after someone, you want to know whether they are well, what they are doing etc

I spoke to James today. He was asking after you.

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