Learning English~Persian: Idiom: Take advantage of #133

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Take advantage of = To use well, to profit from, to use another person's weaknesses to gain what one wants.

سوء‌استفاده کردن، کمال استفاده را از چیزی کردن

Teddy is such a small, weak child that his friends take advantages of him all the time, They take advantage of him by demanding money and making him do things for them.

تدی آنقدر بچه ضعیف و کوچکی است که دوستانش همیشه با پول گرفتن و کار کشیدن از او سوء‌استفاده می‌کنند.

I took advantage of my neighbor's superior skill at tennis to improve my own ability at the game.

من از مهارت‌ بالای همسایه ‌مان در بازی تنیس بهره بردم و توانستم مهارتم را در این بازی افزایش دهم.

They took full advantage of the hotel's facilities.

آنها از امکانات هتل کمال استفاده را کردند.



take advantage of — извлечь выгоду из
they took advantage of the old woman — они обманули /провели/ эту старую женщину

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