Learning English~Persian: Few Idiom and Phrases #136

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Nothing but skin and bones

یعنی پوست و استخون یا لاغر مردنی

You are Nothing but skin and bones.Eat something.

پوست و استخون شدی، یه چیزی بخور

inside out, backward

پشت و رو

Someone should tell little Jimy that his shirt is inside out.

یکی باید به جیمی کوچولو بگه که لباسش پشت و روئه!! (برعکس پوشیده).

Look! He's put his shirt on backward / inside out.

نگاه کن! اون پیراهنشو پشت و رو پوشیده.

upside down

کله پا , سر و ته

The accident caused one car to turn upside down , its wheels spinning in the air.

تصادف ماشینه رو سر و ته کرده بود , چرخاش تو هوا میچرخیدند



Nothing but skin and bones = Кожа да кости
very thin or emaciated.

Bill has lost so much weight. He's nothing but skin and bones. Look at Bill. He's just skin and bones. That old horse is all skin and bones. I won't ride it.

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