peroxide sea water protocol flu covid cleanse

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filtered sea water cures flu... and cleans your ears nose and troath !
hydrogen peroxide also!
the chanels are interconected to the troath!!! see?

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(frozen ice from peroxide diluted...) in order to separate unfrozen stabilizers
(witch sabelizers have dierent melting point so will separate from the

h2o2 h3o3 (oxigen enriched ice...)...

in a glass of water

h2o2 h3o3 peroxide protocol
hidrogen peroxide protocol...

1 drop a day inceasing up to 8 or even 25 days
2 days 2 drops
3 days 3 drops
4th day 4drops
5days 5 drops... and so on...
ou can drink it diluted in water... and more next keep folowing

Warning not to use in the eyes!!!
can cause temporary burning...