Thanks! :) It would work great for your new garden area if you can find some wood to use.

Yep not an easy thing to source but I will find a way 💯🐒

At first I struggled too but I just let everyone know that I was looking for wood and that it could be rotten (that is even better really). These days I seem to have as much as I can use. Found several places that always have more than I can use. If it is too fresh I just let it sit in a pile for a year or 2. Good luck!

I am on it sending it out to the universe I want some wood 💯🐒

Once you start seeing it, it is everywhere. I thought we might be able to do a small 4x8 bed, and it turned into something that I don't even have enough soil to complete right now. Huge great massive thing.

Not really easy to transport as I don't drive plenty in the woods but I would happily take with a lift. But it is illegal so needs to be done a night 💯🐒

It's illegal to take branches??? How the heck does that work? Where do you live?

In the UK you can pick branches but not fallen trees. I sure it wouldn't be enforced but I have been pulled on it before blagged my way out. But yer basically got to it was theft as it belonged to the council. That is way I will not do it on the sly 💯🐒