Tuesday, May 18, 2021: Tuning and Discipline

This morning was rough. I made it that way. My life has been too leisurely lately, so I'm fixing that.

Pretty view on the drive home Tuesday morning

I stayed up late and worked the garden, prepping a 5x35 bed for planting sorghum. I got to bed at 10AM, having been up for 27 hours at that point. It would have been easy to go to bed, sit on my phone until I passed out, and sleep late, but I was intentional with my actions today and that discipline helped.

Dirty hands, clean food

Storms were rolling in, and it had rained all night. As I dug, the thunder got closer and the sky darkened. I was listening to a podcast about virtue and guarding yourself from popular culture, so it was easy to get going.

My mindset lately has shifted from that of a hobby gardener to more of a homesteader or farmer. There's work that needs done, and it won't get done if I don't do it. There's a goal here. Someone out there is working incessantly to destroy agrarian lifestyles and self-reliant folks, and I can't just sit here idly, possessing a small piece of the means to resist that assault. I need to do my part.

Muddy shovel

Also, I'm still fat and it's well past time to fix that. I'll be working fasts back into my daily life and being more mindful of portion size. I'm also starting to do push-ups and body weight squats on break at work to build muscle. I heard a recent episode of the Mikhaila Peterson Podcast with a guest that is a trainer and a proponent of weight training over cardio for overall fitness. The idea is that stronger muscles will burn more calories throughout the day versus just adding a cardio workout that slightly increases calorie use during that short period. I'm gonna give it a try. Being less fat and more fit will be a good thing in my life. No, I'm not beating myself up over this, and I'm not being mean about it. Just accepting and facing the truth as it exists. Stating the fact so that I can respond appropriately.

Prepped and planted 👌

Sorghum bed from this weekend

It's well into the morning now, and almost time to leave work. I'll go ahead and let this one be a shorty post and scoot home to get on with my day. Thanks for reading my rant :)

Love from Texas,

Nate 💚


So, do you grow sorghum to make molasses?

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