Lets talk a bit about Haven.

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Hey man! How are you doing today? Today I would like to start the long discussion about Haven and the nomads.

For the longest time I have had this dream of taking my family far away from the city and plopping us down and starting a farm. On this Farm we were going to learn, apply, and teach every possible bit of permaculture that we could get our dirty little hands on

Over the years it started out as a house in the city with a garden. Then as I learned that a lot of cities do not allow small Livestock in city limits, I decided that the best course of action would be to move the city outside of city limits. More than likely a farm.

On this Farm I have huge, big, exciting ideas. Everything from aquaponics to Vertical Gardens. I want to fill every square inch of this property with edible stuff. Something like the Willy Wonka of farms. you know how everything in the factory was edible? Yeah, like that, but on a farm.

The name of this farm is Haven. And it's not just one farm, it could eventually be many farms. For now though, I will just describe my ideal Haven.

I think it would be possible to apply some of the ideas of Haven to a city life, but I think most ideally it would have to be outside of city limits. And even better if Haven were started on an already functioning Farm.

Part of my original idea for Haven was so that my family would always have somewhere to live. To be able to offer to my children an opportunity to build a dwelling somewhere on the property for themselves. To have that dwelling be there home. Whether it be and RV of some sort, a tiny house, a mobile home trailer, or possibly even building an actual foundation house.

Once they have chosen their space, they set up their own tiny Haven space. Kind of like having a micro Farm on my farm. To be able to have their own garden, their own livestock, and to essentially be in their own home.

My favorite part of this idea is that I won't have to travel hundreds or thousands of miles to see my children. I won't have to travel hundreds or thousands of miles to see my grandchildren. My family will all be in place right here on Haven.

As I begin to think about future Generations coming onto the property, I realized that haven was going to grow and do something much bigger than just a farm. In order to accommodate all of the family that would be living on this property, I figure we would have to purchase the surrounding Farms.

Eventually these Farms would be producing so much food that it would be far in excess of what the population actually needs. And to take that excess into town and sell at the Farmers Market. Possibly even selling at a grocery store or even a restaurant.

But I'm hoping to be able to do is to expand the property to such a point that we can open up our own General Store on the property. The store would of course be getting as our own Farmers Market but evolved into something that was open all the time.

This is where the property starts evolving into something that resembles more of a city or a town or a village. And this is also where I end this blog post.

And the next post I will take this idea just a little bit further an expandable on it a bit. Make sure you like follow subscribe check out all of my social stuff. Most important of all, is to share with your friends. I feel like the more of us that think like this and come together and help each other out we can really do some good.