Make life green and Thrive!

in permaculture •  last year

It is wonderful how little you need to do to change the world, one little green salad at the time. The best thing is that, it is the little thing that does it, not really the great wonders and complications. Keep it simple, keep it nice, green and neat! It is possible to live Off the Grid, Zero Waste and steel profit and prosper holistically.

Stay green

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good luck to you... lots of people are doing it. I eat a salad every day.


Yes, the greenery grows day by day ! Lush green and great

I just ate left-over pizza, heated in a microwave. Now I feel worse about myself, then when I was actually eating that crap.

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Good Luck to You.


Exactly! You should always re-head it in a toaster oven. That way it doesn't get all soggy :P


Absolutely! And given you're name, I bet you enjoy it the same way I do. ;-)

We all can do better by saving the world! Going green is a great step! The diversity of the world depends on it. This is a great video thank you for this! Every day I try to recycle waste and I think we all can learn from your video!

You can't save the world but you can make "your" world better. The world however, if need be, will save itself. Great post. Enjoyed!

If we have a patch of dirt, theres no reason to ever go hungry.

Cool video and will share for you to my page, following you here and on utube.

Nice work man! Looking lush!

I'd love to get off the grid like that someday. It'd be so peaceful. Followed. Thank you for the video. Great stuff!

I like your thinking Brightfocus. Upvoted and most definitely followed.

Sukses untuk saladnya ya

Stay green and work with nature. Well done

Really great concept. Definitely going to follow and look forward to seeing more content.

This is it. We need to conect with Nature. "Good Green" for us.

Hellow i am agree with you
i work in a office every day of weeK and is stressfull be in the city, for This reason every weekend i changue the activity from city to my parents farm and it is very confortable in this place you will eat a lot of plants.

Keep up the good work, nice explanation of permaculture!


thank you

Simplicity is the key! Great post.

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