PermaCryptoFolio - Introducing the FLIPPER depot.

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Hello Steemit,

in my post from yesterday I announced the 3 different portfolios "DORY", "NEMO" and "FLIPPER". I assume that you are a little bit confused by this, that's why I want to introduce the FLIPPER depot in detail in this post.

We all know our "Flipper". He is a friendly, sympatic and strong dolphin. For FLIPPER depot the same applies. Maybe you do not have read the rules for the PermaCryptoFolio-experiment in detail, so I will breakdown it for the FLIPPER depot now.

Rules for FLIPPER depot

  • FLIPPER depot will invest 1/3 in Bitcoin, 1/3 in Altcoins and 1/3 in Cash (US Dollar).
  • Rebalancing of the FLIPPER depot will happen if the value of one proportion (Bitcoin, Altcoins, Cash) exceeds 5/12 of the total value of FLIPPER depot.
  • FLIPPER depot invests in the major 8 altcoins by market capitalization behind Bitcoin.
  • Altcoins are rebalanced if one altcoin exceeds 25% of the total value of the altcoin proportion.
  • Weakest altcoin will be substituted if another altcoin reaches rank #8 in market capitalisation.
  • Cash is invested 50:50 in USD Tether and Steem Dollar.
  • Cash postition will be rebalanced if one proportion exceeds 60% of the total value of the cash position.
  • Initial investment: 12 Bitcoin.
  • FLIPPER depot is traded on Poloniex exchange.
  • All cryptocurrencies will be withdrawn from Poloniex immediately after purchase.
  • This experiment starts on 1st of september 2016.

That's all!

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The author is already invested in all of the cryptocurrencies mentioned in this article. Nothing on this posting is to be taken as trading advice. Everything on this article is for educational purposes only. Trading cryptocurrencies carries a high level of risk, and may not be suitable for all investors. Read the full disclaimer in the comment section.

Thank you for reading!

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The author is already invested in all of the cryptocurrencies mentioned in this article.


Everything on this article, including but not limited to: suggested trades, trade setups, and posting of "real-time" trades of cryptocurrencies by the author is for educational purposes only. This article is not an investment advice nor should it be construed as such. I strive for accuracy of charts and information, but make no guarantee of such.

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