Two Sides To Perfection

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Perfection is a concept expressing the idea of ​​a higher standard. Many of us seek to perfect ourselves all our lives, whether it is appearance, body or character. I did not add knowledge to the list because knowledge and spiritual development goes without saying. It's just a matter of time.

Each of us at least once tried to change something in ourselves to come closer to the ideal picture. We are all looking for "our" ideal person. Everyone wants to see the ideal next to them. And what is the ideal?! By all means, it is to be beautiful, tall, slim, have a beautiful physique, be smart, rich, successful, have a golden character. These are the standards of the "current" perfection, whether it is a man or a woman.
I will not be lying, I am not an exception from those who have changed themselves in their quest for the "ideal". But now I know for sure that a cute girl in a blink of an eye can turn into a complete sl*t, and a good-natured, affectionate guy, in fact, can become a brutal macho. Why so? Because now it is fashionable to be "perfect." So it happened to me also. I was so busy with the process of my improvement that I simply did not notice how I lost myself in myself.
But the moment of awakening came ...

Screen Shot 2018-11-08 at 11.30.04 PM.png

Today, I am sharing my experience in order to help anyone who is going through the same thing or to protect from a mistake of killing the true perfection. You can't even imagine how easy it is to be perfect. We all have heard that "Ideal people do not happen" more than once. But I dare to disagree with it They do!!! And they happen to be born this way. We all are. The ideal to which we all strive so much is all just made up by someone, a human image, a human standard and nothing more. So we are just trying to be like someone else's fictional image. And if tomorrow standards change?
We are all different. This is perfection. If you feel good and do not interfere with these few extra kilograms in the opinion of others, do not torture yourself with diets, if you like to sing, even if you don't have a good voice, sing. Do and behave the way your soul wants it. Don't pay attention to anyone. "Anyone" will always be there to tell you differently.

Screen Shot 2018-11-08 at 11.30.27 PM.png

Last but not least, be sincere with yourself and with others, and you will understand that in fact neither appearance, nor body, nor a contrived golden character has any meaning if you are absent.

You shouldn't turn your life into the ‘' fashion world '', because it's not a secret to anyone that fashion is peculiar to change. Classic is never out of fashion. It is unique in its simplicity and at the same time, there is something brilliant in it, something unconstrained ... The classic is what we are, we are unique !!!

Love yourself the way you are, and then not only you, but your life will be perfect! Is it possible to dream of the best?

Written by Solomia Pancheniak

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