The Perezcope Effect: Jose Pereztroika is the new Sheriff in Town

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On January 5, 2018, published an interesting take on Perezcope/Jose Pereztroika

"On Jake's Rolex World and Jake's Panerai World, we specialize in telling accurate historical stories as well as busting falsely perpetuated myths. Jose Pereztroika is a member of Jake's Rolex World team, and he specializes in separating-fact-from-fiction in the horological world. Jose Pereztroika is what I refer to as a Horological Forensics Investigator. Jose Pereztroika has eagle eyes and pays a TREMENDOUS amount of attention to detail. Jose is the real deal..."

To learn more about the research of Jose Pereztroika/Perezcope, please visit his website: