Cowboy Coffee & Scattered Tree Limbs

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Top of the mornin to ya!
I had some odd inspiration before sunrise to create my first post around these parts
...storms, big ole West Texas storms.
My eyes opened at 4 am in the dark to the tail end sounds of a beautiful storm, then breaking glass and then a symphony of my barking farm dogs all in one acourd 🐾
I scuffed through the house to check doors, windows and the canine choir. No damage to our little money pit 1950's remod-in-progress, but the dark was too deep to survey the land.
I usually can't go back to sleep, but thought I'd just see if I could hold the bed down a little longer and nodded some. IMG_2214.JPG
As I lay there, the electrical sounds all over the house began to slowly power down and I realized I was still awake and had the pleasure of complete silence for about 3 seconds before my brain started talking... I had to remind that negative committee in my head to shush!IMG_3441.JPG
So I wandered through the darkness like I used to as a kid, with my eyes closed, so I could practice my navigation skills if I were to ever find myself without the use of sight.
Weird? Maybe... maybe not.
I did it- only stubbed my toe 3 times and saved myself from a possible Chris Farley debacle slip/fall injury too!
(I read the story of Helen Keller in 4th grade)

Anyhoo- that's when things got fun!
Just before sunrise on the South Plains you can see for miles, it's flat and flatter, but I'm on a little rise in the middle of the flatness and I can see the surrounding towns in all directions.
I had enough light to see the broken glass bowl that had been thrown off the table out front, the canine choir greeted me with muddy paws and lots of chatter about the storm I had slept through, and then I saw the limbs on the ground. IMG_3508.JPG
Oh snap, I started thinking what a bummer that my big trees had lost some limbs, the trampoline finally got its fatal wind torque demise, 8 power lines down in our area and some water came in the mud room.
So I smiled and started writing a song in my head. I could feel my frequency rising and perception shifting into a simpler state of mind.
Finding a thankful place in my heart space,it began to flow~ sometimes we sleep through storms and the winds and rain blow all around us, things can fall down all around us, but if the fire inside is brightly burning there's nothing that can take away the solid ground I chose to stand on.
After the storm there's a quiet, if you can hear it
There's some junk on the ground now too- cuz maybe I don't need it
I have a well, so I don't need to ask for water and I have wood so I can make my own fire
So I make cowboy coffee and play my songs
And I sit in the secret garden and listen to the birds tell about their night IMG_3506.JPG
I had just enough time to finish this primal post as the electrical powered back up
And I make really good cowboy coffee too


•This post is dedicated to all those that suffer depressive states of being, to all my clients that I encourage to wire their brain to be in a position of gratitude - the brain will naturally wire itself whatever way we tell it to.

Be healed!
Be whole!
Be Loved, Beloved

Big Love, from Hurricane Dori
The #RebelHealer🏹

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