I Am Pepsi's New Copywriter (Bonus Question About Steem)

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Bonus Question: How do I buy Steem with FIAT money? Any help will be much appreciated.

Main Dish

I have always been a fan of Pepsi. Here's the clear proof in another post I made about this awesome drink:
Epic Battles of Everything #5: Coca Cola vs. Pepsi a.k.a. "THE COLA WARS"

So, I don't wanna hear that there's a change of heart now that PepsiCo Greece made me their copywriter for the promotion of their limited edition Pepsi cans. The love is real, obviously! And yep, whatever content you may hear on TV and Radio ads (in Greece only), or you read on print form in 2019 (all over Europe), I wrote them for Pepsi.

Another dream off my bucket list. Meh, who am I kidding here? I wasn't even dreaming that my creative wording would be Pepsi's official designation one day. Not even when I was dancing and singing Michael's lyrics as a kid...

You've got a dream you gotta follow it now
Wherever it may go
With the Pepsi Generation ya gonna change the world today
We're reaching to touch the sky
So put a Pepsi in your hand
You gotta understand
That we've gotta try to lift their spirit so high
Cos it's the price of fame
And now the Pepsi way
You're living up to this name
Yeah it's the price of fame
And now the Pepsi way
You're living up to the name

Which Pepsi Can do you prefer btw? The 80's on the left or the 40's on the right?

It seems like 2019 will be a hell of a year. Hmmm, 2019 is actually a GREAT year maybe? Wait, wait....2019 has been a FREAKING GOOD year already? Oh man, I was never good with grammatical tense!!!

Michael...Is that you?


Congrats mate!

Thank you very much man :)

Congrats T!

Ευχαριστώ πολύ :)

you can buy here without passing through eth or btc https://www.gonetcoins.com/how-to-buy-sell-crypto/

if you are buying eth btc ltc and so first. you can buy here changelly.com been tested. then change to steem very easily on blocktrades.us

depend on your location netcoins have physical locations.

plus congrats and best wishes

Thank you sooooooo much for everything :))))

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