Ads You Should Watch #3

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Creative collaborations allows for the creation of new artworks. Quoted from spoken word poet, Suli Breaks,

It’s the journey not the destination that matters. The time we spend travelling can foster creative thought.
The places and spaces we travel that feed our freedom and curiosity. These are the new studios.
…one Surface, one poet, one musician, one journey…
What can a spoken word artist and a composer create on a journey?

In life, we work hard to achieve our goals, a successful career, having 6 or 7 figures in our bank account, a perfect family, constantly keeping our trophy in sight. It could be months or years before we reach the finish line, and then what happens? Do we create a new goal for ourselves or do we feel lost after having achieved what we seek to achieve? There are limitless goals that we can set for ourselves, but there is only limited time for each one of us. While having goals are important, remember to also smell the flowers along the way and enjoy the process that brings us to our goals.

Although this engaging video tells us to appreciate the journey, the daily commute, it got me thinking about the bigger picture, about life itself. Take a few minutes, sit back, watch this video and ask yourself, are you enjoying your life right now?

(Screen grab from ad video)

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Till next time!

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