Vision20Twenty Entry For @worldcapture week #17 #peoplephotography

I know, I’ve already entered in @worldcapture previous weekly contest, but this also kind of gives me more of a reason to post an actual blog that has something to do with photography 😅

Chris ( @worldcapture ) creates and promotes a weekly photo contest and week 17 contest is all about #peoplephotography
Check it out here:

I’d like to offer my photo for yet another entry to their contest and I wish good luck to all who participate!!

Believe it or not when I first shot this picture I thought I had ruined the opportunity. I looked at the preview on my camera and noticed a haze over the entire photo and got really upset. I later on looked at it while editing and realized I had gently breathed on the lens and forgot to clear it off and have enough time to take the shot before the bride walked past me so I took the shot with a “dirty” lens....

~ V20

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Great capture once again! Thanks for your entry :))