Yes! That cannot be denied. Paris has been there for over 2000 years and the architecture alone is something that most cities can not come close comparing to. It is very unique in that aspect.

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Very!! I was blown away. It was the first time I was ever out of the United States. I loved the GIANT doorways that led into some amazing place. I'd run up and try to look in after a car would come in. Even the hotels were charming with the little bars and there are so many retro touches that are original. The grounds around the Louvre blew my mind.

Totally! It really is magnificent. I spent many a day wandering up and down narrow alley ways and admiring the architecture. Some days I would just wander around looking for street art. I'd get totally lost and have to navigate my way back to the AirBnb with my phone. I stayed for two weeks on my second trip and it was such a great experience.

omg i did the same thing and most of it was all about the street art!! It would lead you on a path where I can absolutely see getting lost! lol Next time i will definitely stay longer.

If you do go again, download the app FlashInvaders and look for artwork by Invader. He's one of the cities best known street artists and he does tiled mosaics. When you find them, you snap a photo with the app and you get a score. It's lots of fun and he has them ALL over Paris.

I know EXACTLY who you mean and saw his stuff all over! That's very cool. I will do that.