Party train - Peoplephotography by worldcapture Week #16

This was one of the coolest train rides of my life... and I've travelled A LOT by train so far. But there is something magical in this route. So it's well worth featuring in this contest by @worldcapture!

This photo was taken in Sri Lanka, in the train going from Ella to Kandy; this trajet is one of the tourism highlights in the country, and it's easy to understand why: the line is surrounded by mountains and green tea fields most of the time, a wonder to the eyes.


And besidse the scenic route, we have this: everyone having fun and taking photos! We were in one of the stations here, but since the speed of the train is not that high most of the time, this is the scenery you get even when the train is moving!


Ha, what a cool shot! Thanks for participating !

My pleasure! :)

Very cool photo! What a ride! 😎

Fez-me lembrar o Intercidades para a Serra da Estrela, que me fartei de apanhar quando era novo; mas em versão festa!

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What a cool shot !

Party trainnn! ;)

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