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I made this image last year with 2 of my friends. With This image I wanted to bring attention to freedom. On the 1st of july we in Suriname celebrate the abolishment of slavery.

Freedom from mental slavery is something we wanted to portray.

His tattoo also represents freedom. The freedom to dream and the freedom to be who we are.


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WoooW! This is a really beautiful photo with extraordinary beautiful people! So powerful & so expressing! There's also a balance shown between a man & a woman as equal but also the togetherness & unity between the two models, your friends. It seems to they suit each other perfectly (by the look)! Are they a couple?

Amazing picture!
Too bad this post is so undervalued. Maybe the tags #photofeed and #photocircle will help you get some more recognition for your images.
It is always nice to see good photographers entering the steem- world!
Welcome :)

Thanx guys for the support. I love telling stories with my images and my goal is to share those stories with the world.

No they are not a couple, infact before this picture they had never met before, but sometimes everything falls into place to tell an amazing story about humanity and life.

Ones again thank you so much for the support.

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