Venezuelan scream, July 5

in #people6 years ago


Poor of that people who have trusted you for a long time
Forgotten you've been left by your neighbors brothers
The nostalgia every day is more overwhelming because of the exodus of your children
Useless are the efforts that each day is experienced in this pained homeland
Late has always been the response of your rulers
Unlimited fantasy tales make your leaders know, vain promises
Caracas set the example with the independence of July 5, 1810
Oh Venezuela, what have they done with you in the 21st century?
Wisdom is what your children need today to recover your fortune

With tears in our eyes we observe your accelerated descent my country
Oh Venezuela, how much we yearn for your years of free-living wealth
Challenge of survival seems to be the game that your children practice
Reality is that in Venezuela their children cry every day
Urged is your people to live with dignity in your interior
For crumbs they have sold you abroad
You who were always a great homeland and a beautiful example of life
Forgotten you have been left in the world economy, due to hyperinflation
Sovereignty express your rulers, but it is pure falsehood

I would like to be a superhero to fight and nothing else
A little respect is just what your people ask for
Hope, happiness and happiness is your request

Men with courage are still inside you
Constant threats to your town from your leaders
We can not stand the deceptions with which they preach

Someday they will give an account of the evil they have driven
Each of them will fall at your feet, divine justice is wise
Bitterness we taste every day, hopefully we live
Blessed are you my beautiful homeland, that with pain we see you
Beloved Venezuela there is no evil that lasts 100 years, nor body that resists
God puts your hand and mercy deals with us
Proud I still feel like being Venezuelan

With love I write to you Venezuela, mother of five nations
Opportunities offered to all who came to you
You never looked with contempt at your foreign tenants

Venezuela do not give up, it is not yet the end, cry and your help will come
Entrepreneurs are your children, do not deny them the opportunity
Do not let a little group get into you, wake up please
The last brave man out of your bowels, show it, it's time
Zuliano I am and with alive hope, to the world I cry to him Freedom and aid!
A united people will never be defeated, analyze this line please
Embaucada has been your wealth, but you still have value
Call, shout, demand, that only wait for you with great passion
Flattering about you they walk, but it's not worth ...



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