You and Me

in people •  6 months ago

People who deny you of your happiness are jealouse type!
People who support your happiness are expecting something in return!
People who hate to be near you are curious of you!
People who love to be with you are counting on you!

Just what type of people do you think you are?
Imagine my surprise at your answer!
But don't hold grudge coz we're all beautiful people and we are created equal!
It's just that sometimes we tend to act on something we thought that can benefit us

Oh how i love People
The smell, the attitude, the looks!
Aren't we all complicated to read?
Society rate us differently base on the standard
But what good did it do us?
Standard only makes us different from each other
We forgot that we are all equal
Just look at yourself and look at me have you seen a part of me that you don't have?

I maybe short or taller than you !
I maybe black while your white !
I may have higher educational attainment than you!
I maybe poor while your rich!
But the truth is "I Look Like You" and "You Look like Me"
We Are The Same "YOU AND ME"


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