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Include other people's ideas in your life, make room for changes, different, different things in your life. You may experience serious crises in your business life. Or changes may occur outside your control, your managers may change.

You have to balance your relationship with the bosses carefully and do not engage in power strife. Stay away from obsessive discussions with bosses at work, father or spouse at home. But it's also a great week to make changes in your home, break things up and restructure.

It will provide you with the support you need to meet your creative and new customers, to use your creative inspiration in your work and work environment. And this week will start to move back and last three weeks.

  1. You will begin to feel the effects that will go back to your home in your social and friendship relationships, your income earned from business life, and your ideals. Occasionally there may be interruptions in communication with your friends, misunderstandings, and information can be transmitted from one language to another.

Developments related to a subject that you will help or receive help may develop much slower than you think.

I also recommend that you carefully review your payroll this month, as an accounting error may occur. Confusion may arise in the gift you receive for the birthday of your friends. Mercury is about to roll up their sleeves to make these kind of roughnesses.

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