People who wear colorful socks (crazy socks) are revolutionary, intelligent and more likely to be successful.

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Do you wear colorful socks (known in Poland as crazy socks / happy socks)? It means that you are more revolutionary, intelligent and more likely to succeed! I'll explain to you why:

Men and women who wear crazy, colorful socks are independent, more curious and more successful.

These socks can be filled with different colors, red parrots, or have gigantic eyes, lobsters, flying pigs, hamburgers, leaves m .... I will not tell you what 😉 or other Kongo flag freaks - as long as they are not matte or blue, they can reveal a lot about the guy who wears them.

People who wear such "crazy" socks, tell the world that they do not want to adapt to social trends, boldly showing their funny personality and unique sensitivity. They lead a definite revolution against uniforms and traditions. It's quite logical, because they have convention in the ass! Just like a woman who goes to bed on a first date 🙂

What you wear says a lot about your personality. Crazy socks help to bring out a more vivid, dynamic, optimistic, creative and fascinating image of you, especially at work. In a world where everything should be toned down, it's polite to take the courage to put on crazy, colorful socks like "happy socks".

Such people oppose the rules of fashion and usually a man with eggs can say STOP and have a shit about what others will think by putting socks on robots or dragons. People who do not have the courage, for example working in a bank, respect them for it!

It is also an amazing opportunity to break your image. In one situation, you can be perceived as obese, boring computer scientist but with an interesting personality thanks to this small piece of clothing. It can act as an "icebreaker" to start a conversation. There are really many jobs where you can not stand out with the outfit and as much as women can wear jewelry - you can wear colorful socks in any social situation as a guy.

Colorful socks especially appealed to young entrepreneurs from Silicon Valley in the USA. A fashion has been adopted there, which even tells you to wear "merry socks" to show that you are someone who has everything in the ass and stands out from the others.


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