I was always surprised by the reaction and evaluation of people

in #people5 years ago

on the information that you are offering them! Here we take a social network. Lay out the post with a pretty picture and nothing more - collects hundreds of "likes". and I will lay out a proposal to make, to be together in one team to earn in modern conditions a decent amount of money only a few pieces, and that is those who in the subject.

  • distrust, doubt, fear of error, mistakes of youth, or stereotypes built over the years: "Money and happiness like silence."
    Is this really what drives you?. Now a different time. A time of new opportunities. New technology. New business ideas. And our business is built on teamwork. The movement to success depends not only on you, but on the coordinated, cohesive work of your team.
  • none of the great businessmen, athletes, has achieved success alone
    "I will become a famous football player. I'll start an international company. I'll earn a billion." Which one of us didn't dream of glory? That's only in these dreams, as a rule, no place for the team. And for good reason.
  • "You saw how the team worked on Schumacher when the racing car was stopped at the pit stop? Would Schumacher be famous without these people?»

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