Poor Choices

in people •  4 months ago 

Today I was in a meeting at church discussing ideas on how to assist struggling families. As we were busy identifying people to focus on a family was identified and their story touched me. So the teenage girl in that family has a child.

So the family was under heavy financial burdens and went to a loan shark to borrow money. The problem is they could not be able to pay back the money and they decided to offer the girl to the loan shark to be raped, now the little girl is with a child that was conceived through rape so that a debt could be settled. I always say that I go through a lot of challenges. But hearing the story of the girl has led me to realize that a lot of people go through a lot of things. The child will go through pain for her entire life because the parents made poor life choices and it effected their daughter. And as for offering her to the loan shark.

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