How much humanity do you have?

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Every day, in my way to work, I ride a public jeepney here in the Philippines. It’s always a rush our especially in the morning for a lot of people will go to work at almost the same opening office time. Running here, pushing there, it’s always a “me first policy”, disregarding other people in the process.
This morning is definitely not an exception. There are only few jeepneys but a lot of commuters waiting plus a daily bonus of a heavy traffic. You’re going to be unmotivated in going to work.


An angel appeared. Yes!


A middle-aged handicapped man or what we call “person with disability”. He is desperately trying to get in the jeep and in that moment, the atmosphere inside the jeep changed. Everyone tried to accommodate the man. Someone even offered his seat just to make the man comfortable.

It’s really amazing how God works. For me, that handicapped man was an instrument sent by God to let His people cool-off and slow down a bit in this world of “survival of the fittest”.

In that moment, everyone turned compassionate. Indeed, “Everything happens for a reason”.


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