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When entering a room it is inevitable that the looks are on each one of us, the question arises Why? Perhaps the intrigue exceeds the normal behavior demanded by society or what we emanate is an attraction that makes more than one doubt. Looks are inevitable, the impression will always depend on one, they say out there ... that the first impression is what counts. But how can we impact and that our first impression is the desired one?

As an education professional, I always try to take care of every detail of the image, that is, that the security that is transmitted at the moment is such that it can impact. Have a conviction that ensures the power of optimism in each person with whom you live. That is, know how to handle the image you want to transmit in your environment. In the image, the strength and potential of each human being is transferred, which must be developed with each moment through their attitudes, projected the successful profile that each one contemplates as a man.

Always remembering that "the road is made, with our walk", we project the human essence as an island that requires people to be successful, since successful people need the society that teaches you about the negative and The positive. Maintaining good relations with our environment and practicing the "productive" manners without paying the progress for the adversities that arise.

The image is not everything, but it will help us to combat that uncertainty that we have of the stranger and will allow us to know this in an environment "controlled" by each one. As well as recognizing that we are part of a society in which we coexist day by day and therefore influence and must be influenced for the common welfare, in addition that we all need a dignified recognition to obtain a better future, forgetting the misfortunes of the past looking always to the future.

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